Website User Guide for

  1. Register

  • First Name first name of primary contact eg. Buyer

  • Last Name last name of primary contact

  • Email email address of primary contact

  • Company your company’s name and trading name

  • Telephone main contact number

  • Address billing address

  • Password you will need this to access your account

  • Accounts Name name of contact in your accounts department

  • Accounts telephone phone number for your accounts department

  • Accounts email email address for accounts contact

Click on register  If you are a legitimate retailer your application will be accepted. If your company requires credit, please email and we will send you a credit application form.

  1. Account  Once your application has been accepted we will email you to let you know. You are now able to log in. To do so enter your email and password under “log in” or “my account”. The “Accounts Dashboard” shows all your account details at a glance including contact information, billing and shipping addresses. You can have multiple shipping addresses which you can alter with each order.

  • Account Information change your contact name, email address and password here.

  • Address book add multiple shipping addresses, change your default billing and shipping address

  • My wish list - Save items in your cart to purchase later.

  1. Placing an Order  Click on all products. All products are listed in alphabetical order by sku code with ANT appearing first and WPM last. To find a certain product enter its sku code (eg RMK114) into the “product search” box or just enter RMK to pull up the full RMK range.

Clicking onlearn more provides further details about the product such as current stock levels, weights and dimensions.

To purchase a product, enter the quantity you require and click add to cart.

NB. You will later be asked for a Purchase Order number so please make sure you group your purchases together by PO number.

You will then be taken to the shopping cart page where you can edit the quantity you wish to order. If you have selected an item in error, you can click on the dust bin logo to remove it. From here, you cancontinue shopping if you have multiple sku’s in your PO or proceed to checkout when you have ordered all required items on that PO.

Click empty cart to remove all items from your shopping cart.

If you select a quantity, of a certain sku, that is higher than the current stock level, you will trigger a dialogue box explaining this and the out of stock item(s) will be placed on back order and shipped as soon as they come back into stock. Alternatively, you can alter the quantity required to within the limit of the current stock level. (Please be aware that other users will be on the site at the same time and this may affect the accuracy of the stock levels.)

  1. Proceed to Checkout  Do this once you are happy with the products you have placed in your cart.

  • Billing info-alter if necessary

  • Shipping info-change your shipping address using saved addresses in your address book or adding a new one.

  • Shipping Methods-1) Free standard shipping, within 10-14 days (in stock items only) for all orders over 2CBM (cubic metres).

2) Chargeable standard shipping for all orders under 2CBM. You will be asked to contribute the following amounts for all orders under 2cbm:

0-.05 CBM£50.00




3) Direct Home Delivery (DHD). Please contact for a quote. Please enter your customer’s address so that we ship direct to them and not to you. Remember the billing address should still be yours.

4) Express 3 day delivery – a 20% charge will be added to your invoice (B2B delivery only).

5) Pick up. Collect from IM. Collections must be carried out within 5 working days or placing your order or your order will be cancelled.

  • Payment information-a PO number is required. An invoice will be immediately sent out on completion of ordering. Payment will be required in accordance to the limits of your accounts. IM reserve the right to place any order on hold or cancel it if the trems of your account are not being adhered to.

  • Order review-check your order. If correct click place it, if you have made an error click edit your cart”.

If you require any help or information at any time, please contact Paul ( or Dave ( or call 0161 203 6191 to speak to us